Fermion: A Side-Project for Administration

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To prevent errors on the local system, PMU (Performance Monitor Users group) must be enabled on the local machine
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I wanted to share a program that’s been in beta development, for some time now, and – possibly – get feedback about it. Essentially, the program was meant to be a purposeful tool for small to medium size companies that did not use SCOM to monitor the performance of their systems.

An example scenario: An Exchange administrator receives a call from the Helpdesk, saying that users are noticing performance problems on the system (mailflow, access, etc.). The Exchange Administrator can target a specific machine and check the targeted performance counters in a single dashboard layout (in this case, a WPF form).

I, currently, have ambitions to add targeted counters for Exchange 2013 (currently, the counters are incomplete), SQL (all versions), SharePoint (all versions), and Lync (all versions) servers.

Here is a list of the current known issues I’m working on (when I can):

1. Specific objects have borders in Windows 7, only.
2. The checkmark boxes do not stay selected in Windows Server 2008 R2 (without desktop experience enabled).
3. The data pumper does not cease, at first.
4. The DNS method throws an exception in Windows7, despite finding the object in DNS.

So, now that you’ve read all of this, here’s the installer. (Currently, version

Contributing credits – David Herraiz Diaz


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