Exchange 2013: MailboxTransportMBTDeliveryPercentPermanentFailedMonitor Fires When User is Over Quota

NOTE: This post – drafted, composed, written, and published by me – originally appeared on and is potentially (c) Microsoft.

In Exchange 2013, there may be an instance where a user is over-quota and causes the Mailbox Transport responder to escalate. This issue is specific only to Mailbox Delivery and there are some simple steps to prove that this is a ‘by-design’ scenario.

Check the current value of the counter, run command:

Get-Counter “\MSExchange Delivery Store Driver\Percent of Permanent Failed Deliveries within the last 5 minutes”

Perform Message Tracking to find the failure event(s), run command:


Get-MessageTrackingLog -Start ([System.DateTime]::Now.AddMinutes(-10)) -End ([System.DateTime]::Now) | Where{$_.Sender -notlike ‘*Health*’ -and $_.Recipients -notlike ‘*Health*’ -and $_.EventID -contains ‘FAIL’} | Sort TimeStamp | FT –AutoSize

If you find failure events in the message tracking log, obtain the MessageID of the failure events, run command:

Get-MessageTrackingLog -Start ([System.DateTime]::Now.AddMinutes(-10)) -End ([System.DateTime]::Now) | Where{$_.Sender -notlike ‘*Health*’ -and $_.Recipients -notlike ‘*Health*’ -and $_.EventID -contains ‘FAIL’} | Sort TimeStamp | FL MessageID

Use the MessageIDs to find the reason for the failure(s), run command:


(Get-MessageTrackingLog -MessageId “<MessageID>” | Where{$_.EventID -contains ‘FAIL’}).RecipientStatus


If you see the following failure context for the recipient status, this is the ‘by-design’ scenario where a user’s mailbox is over-quota and has been for quite some time.

[{LRT=};{LED=554 5.2.2 mailbox full; STOREDRV.Deliver.Exception:QuotaExceededException.MapiExceptionShutoffQuotaExceeded; Failed to process message due to a permanent exception with message Cannot open mailbox