My Recent Trip to Reykjavík

As the title infers, I was recently in Reykjavík for a brief holiday.

Being in Reykjavík completed my goal of visiting all of the Nordics. Yes, all of the Nordics. (Yes, Estonia, I’ve even visited you.)

I’d say the best experiences were Hallgrímskirkja, the Icelandic Punk Museum, and going inside Thrihnukagigur Volcano.

If you speak any Nordic language, you’ll note that Hallgrímskirkja is actually a church. This wasn’t a religious experience (and no offense intended or inferred to any of you who might be religious) but one related to altitude. You see, Hallgrímskirkja has a tower which costs about €10 to go up. (If there’s a tower in any city that you go to, just fork over the quid to go up it.) The views presented here were amazing (thankfully, I lucked-out with the weather.)

The Icelandic Punk Museum was great in it’s own right, for reasons that are related to both my past and my present. The host (Álfur) was quite knowledgeable, genial, and humourous. If you ever go to Reykjavík, and punk has been influential in any part of your life, then this museum is a must see.

The Thrihnukagigur Volcano was grand. It’s a dormant (e.g.: not, yet, long dead enough to be considered extinct) volcano in the lava fields outside of Reykjavík. The volcano is 120m (400 ft. for my friends that use FREEDOM™ units) deep and there is an elevator that brings you down the core. The best part about this wasn’t just the volcano, itself, but the views walking to it. The walk, itself, is about 3km (2 miles for my friends that use FREEDOM™ units) one way; so, there’s plenty of time to see and take in the sights at these higher elevations.

If you ever get the chance to go to Reykjavík, I’d definitely recommend it. I’d probably go for longer than the 2.5 days that I went, though. Shout-out to Te & Kaffi (on ) for being a great place for the obvious in it’s name.