MCM London Trip

I took a trip (24 May to 28 May) to London/Reading to visit my ever-so-awesome friend [REDACTED] and go to the MCM Comic Con with her in London.

First, after I arrived to the fair city of Reading, I had dinner at Benny’s, which is in the same building as the hotel that I stayed at. Think of it like an Eddie Rockets, only everything inside is pink, and you’re not far off from the mental picture you’ve just made.


Next was dinner with Teagan and her friend, Dominika, at Bella Italia in the The Oracle. Let me tell you that – sometimes – there’s nothing better than Iliza Shlesinger quotes, unacceptable Mass Effect 3 references regarding special eyes, and copious amounts of Rick & Morty quotes to make an evening. (Seriously, though, if you’re not an Iliza Shlesinger fan, you might want to *bleet* that train.)


The Comic Con, itself, was in the ExCel in London (obligatory Wiki page can reference can be found here), which is big as fuck-all and we covered the majority of it on the day that we went (hint: it was on Saturday).

All of the pictures? O.k., all of the pictures. (O.k., not really, but still…)


On the way back from Comic Con, Teagan discovered that she was the tube whisperer.


Then, there was coffee and dessert to be had at Creams because our respective bank accounts were crying enough, already.


So… What did I buy at the Comic Con, you might ask. Well, did I mention I love all things Dragon Ball Z, Tim Burton, and Rick & Morty?


Sadly, though, most of the stuff that I bought couldn’t fit into my luggage and it was a banking holiday on Monday; so, enter Teagan to save the day and send me the larger stuff that wouldn’t fit into my luggage to me in the post. (She really is the best!)

And, thus, here’s Teagan being a pimp at what she does.


Until next time…