Jag är i Sverige igen.

So, as the title infers, I’m back in Sweden again. I took a plane from Dublin to Stockholm and then the train from Stockholm to Linköping (pronounced “len-shōping”).

Back in Linköping, I’m in my regular hotel and life is back into the Swedish modality of things.

For example, in the style of “treat yourself” (see Parks and Rec), I took myself to a semi-fancy dinner at Gula Huset (literally, the golden [or yellow] house) and then a movie, Night School. Can’t say that I recommend the movie but a comedy was definitely in order, what with everything going on.

After the movie, it was stroll around town to take in the visages and off to bed to catch an early bus. The destination? Göteborg (or “Gothenburg” in English).

The Göteborg adventures are soon (still on the way there), so stay posted. 😊