En Dag i Göteborg

I took an early morning bus (Nettbuss, a.k.a. bus4you) from Linköping to Göteborg. Early morning, for context, is only 7am local time (CEST) but that meant I had to interrupt my beauty sleep to catch it and those of you who know me know that I could use as much of that as plausibly possible.

The bus itself was pretty comfortable. If I could give you a comparative, it was like the AirCoach (in Dublin) meets the double-decker bus.

The views were pretty amazing, I have to say, but – then again – maybe I’m preferential to the Swedish countryside.

The bus took about 4 hours to get to Göteborg and it wasn’t too bad of a trip; albeit, the nicotine cravings started kicking in when we got out to lake country…

The bus takes you right to Göteborg Central Station, which is super convenient, as the tram lines run right outside the front doors (veritably). The inside of the station is pretty amazeballs and it’s something worth seeing, I think, if you ever get the chance.

After a quick lunch meeting, it was time to be off walking around the town. The pictures don’t do the city justice, to be sure, but they’re all I have to show you this city’s majesty.

After a brief walk about, it was time to do one of my favourite things: Visit a museum. In this case, it was Göteborgs Stadsmuseum. It cost a few quid (60SEK, which is about €6) and is cheap enough that it’s worthwhile. After all, there are three floors to the museum, itself.

Pictures of a museum? Of course there’s pictures!

And, then? No “and then”! And, then…? Well, and, then, it was time for more walking about the city.

Whilst walking about, I found my next favourite thing: A park. Nordic parks, in my opinion (I’m very opinionated, aren’t I?), are the best in the world. The principle reason, for me, is because most parks are open to the public 24×7, because the public pays for them and the public, in turn, gets to use them any time that they want.

This park, specifically, was called “Trädgårdsföreningen” and is located in the centre of Göteborg. It has everything you’d expect at a large-sized park, even a botanical garden (that’s also free).

After the park (but still, technically, within it), I grabbed a bit of Earl Gray and had a piece of blueberry cheesecake. This would, normally, be a very pedestrian thing to do; an uneventful event in the normal happenstance of life. Yet, during my afternoon tea, I was joined by a brave little fellow, with whom I ended-up sharing some of my cheesecake (more specifically, the crust) with.

Sadly, I had bought my savouries shortly before they closed but worry not: The little bird had more than a fair share of that cheesecake crust.

Then, it was off to dally about the town, again, until it was time to take the (very late) train home – which is where I’m writing this from. I love living in the future.

Whilst I was about town, I found something that I thought my roommate might enjoy. Wouldn’t you know it: He has one with 20 ports. Living in the future, he is.

I also found an apt quote around town that I think I will just close this off with. It’s not the best quote ever, in the history of ever, but it’s quite fitting.

Until next time. 🙂