En Promenad runt Linköping

So, for Saturday and Sunday, I stuck mainly around the Linköping (pronounced: len-show-ping) area. It’s a decent walk about in autumn (yes, I’m trying to drop “fall” from my vocabulary for any seasonal references) and walking is good for you, or so I hear.

First up was the Trädgårdsföringen park (not to be confused with the park of the same name in Göteborg). I’ve taken plenty of photos of the park in the past. So, to save you from that mundane banality of seeing a panel of photos of it, again, here’s only a few. 🙂

After that, it was necessary to visit Linköpings Domkyrka (pronounced: dum-sheeyir-kah, said very quickly). It’s a beauty of a church and the acoustics of it are astounding, to the say the least.

After the domkyrka, it was a bit more of walking around town, killing time before bed.

The reason why it needed to be an early night for me is because I was off to Stockholm on the morrow. There won’t be anything on Stockholm in the next post.

Until then, dear reader, have a good one and – in the immortal words of Bill S. Preston, Esq. and Ted Theodore Logan, “Be excellent to each other!”