En Dag i Stockholm.

So, a day in Stockholm was between yesterday and today. Well, if you want to hyper literal with it, it was less than a full day but who’s counting ticks, yeah?

Anyway, I got a room with a view at Radisson Blu Waterfront (in the Norrmalm area of Stockholm …or is it really Kungsholmen?). When they say, “with a view”, they aren’t lying.

That church-like tower off to the right is the Stadshuset (literally, house of the city), also known to us in English as city hall. You can tour the Stadshuset and I highly suggest you do so, if you ever get the chance. I, myself, have been twice and it’s a rather lovely building.

Any visit to Stockholm isn’t complete without a visit to Riksdagen.

The Riksdag is where the magic of the Swedish government happens (not to be outdone by knugen, to be sure) and, currently, they’re trying to form a coalition to form a complete government. There’s rumours that Annie Lööf will become the new stasminister, which I hope turn out to be true.

Next up was S:ta Clara kyrka. Unlike the many castles of Europe, I cannot seem to get tired of going into churches. Perhaps, there’s something to them or the fact the overall exposure time to churches is far less because their footprint is much smaller. Who knows…

S:ta Clara kyrka was nice but it was being used at the time that I had popped-in, so I snapped a photo or two and ducked out of there.

I then headed over to Drottninggatan (literally, Queen Street), hoping to go to Dressman before it got too late in the day.

I had duplicitous reasons for going to Dressman. The first was that I was looking for the cashier that had flirted with me in Swedish years before (I know, I know…) and the second was that I was running out of muscle shirts (always layer in cold environments).

After navigating the whole affair, mostly in Swedish, I was off to snag something to eat.

Drottninghof. I can not recommend it enough. Almost every time that I’ve been in Stockholm and had the time to afford a visit to this restaurant, I’ve always gone without fail.

This time, my meal consisted of toast skagen (literally, shrimp toast), regnbågsfilé (literally, rainbow fillet), and the dessert of the day.

After that, it was a bit more walking around before going back to the hotel to sleep and catching my flight today.

Did I mention the view of the hotel room? I’m not trying to show off, more like I’m trying to convince you to treat yourself, if ever you should go.

Finally, if you’ve ever been to Sweden, you’re all too familiar with the Kalles phenomenon. If you haven’t, let me explain: Kalles is a brand of caviar and the caviar, itself, is packaged and sold in tubes. When people talk about it, it’s almost always followed by the word caviar, Kalles Caviar. It’s a thing here, kind of like snus, but the only difference is that I’ve seen people use snus.

So, that’s all there is from a very brief time in Stockholm. I’ll probably tour the city a bit more before my flight today but won’t get a chance to update the blog until late tonight or tomorrow. Better to just assume this is the end of it, at the moment.

Until next time, dear reader, as the Vulcans say, “Live long and prosper.”