En Dag i Stockholm Del Två

So, today started off with breakfast in the hotel, which is where the Kalles Caviar photo that finished the last post originated from.

After breakfast, it was a quick shower, realising that I had left almost all of my toiletries at the hotel in Linköping (womp-womp).

First was to go to the Riksdag area, again. The Riksdag, itself, takes up almost half of the island called Helgeandsholmen and the area of the city is called Gamla Stan (literally, the old town).

This is also where the Stockholms Medeltidsmuseum (literally, Stockholm’s Mideival Times Museum) is located.

It’s a museum and it’s free, so of course I went through it! 😊

After that, it was time to get up close and personal with the Riksdag. Apparently, you need to have pre-booked tours; so, guess what I want to do the next go around?

Then, some more walking because why not?

Then, I stumbled upon another church, S:t Jacobs Kyrka. I think that the church is in the Norrmalm area of the city. Yes, it was a bit of a walk.

Just behind S:t Jacobs Kyrka is Kungsträdgården (literally, king’s tree garden), a fairly large park that also hosts an fairly large ice skating arena in winter.

After that, it was time to grab a bite to eat and I figured that it was time to see what all of the fuss about Max was.

Turns out that they’re pretty environmentally conscious and friendly, so I can see what all of the fuss was about.

The fries were worth passing on but the grilled halloumi nacho burger and the cloud berry shake were worth it.

After that, it was to the hotel to pick up my bag and head to Arlanda via the Arlanda Express. A train that goes 180km/h? Yes, please.

Hopped on the plane back to Dublin.

Back in Dublin, the passport control line was brutal. To give you an idea, the plane landed around 19:00. I didn’t get out of passport control until around 20:00.

Fun-filled facts: You have to have your GNIB card and cannot use your phone when talking to GARDAÍ. Either could be a €3000 fine. Not that I forgot my card or used my phone but I overheard the threats (?), so just trying to help you out. The More You Know™️

Now, I’m back in Dublin and I have to go right back to Sweden, soon, so expect a new post before the month is through. 😊

Until then, dear reader, as Mork used say, “Nanu nanu!”