Tillbaka i Östergötland

Flew back into Sverige (pronounced: sv-air-ee-yay), yesterday. I never thought that I would say this but I think I’m getting tired of travelling/flying. On the realsies. As my friend, HomeSlice (only code names from here-on out), used to say, “For real, real, not play, play.

Something you’ll eventually figure out, if you ever go to Stockholm, but I’ll ruin the surprise for you: They have GSM repeaters under-ground, so you can all of that roaming goodness without the need of that pesky thing called the Earth getting in the way. (Pretty sure this is a GSM-band antenna, at least. Can confirm: Your cellphone will work underground.)

Arlanda Express. Do it. From Arlanda airport to Stockholm Central Station in like 20 minutes. Seriously. Do it. It does all the kph’s.

After a few hours’ wait (during which, I hit-up Forex bank to pay the fee for my ID-Kort, ate some Burger King and felt disgusted with myself, and smoked copious amounts of cigarettes), it was off to Norrköping via the train.

I was the only one in train car for the majority of the ride. Yes, you read that correctly: I had the train car to myself. It was simultaneously great and a bit disheartening. It was great because people suck, in general and en masse. It was disheartening because it was like a three hour train ride and I get bored super-easily. I read some of my book, programmed in C#, and surfed the internet to try to fill those hours.

I toss the lack of other people up to it being 21:00 (local time), it was a 1st class coach (which was like €10 more), and it was an older type train, with older type train cars (read:we were in no WiFi country).

Yes, there’s even video. Let’s see if we can get WordPress to play well with it.


If you get a chance to grab a train via SJ in Sweden, I highly recommend the double-decker. Yes. They have one. Yes. It’s just as awesome as you’d think it’d be.

Today, I got up and did the needful, and then went to my appointment for my ID-Kort (Swedish ID Card).

Afterwards, I had to have meatballs for lunch (because Sweden and köttbullar), so I headed over to Tropikhuset and had some lunch.

Afterwards, it was a lot of walking but given how rainy and generally just miserable it’s been, I haven’t been snapping that many photos.

I do have to mention that during my walk I did swing by an old school book store and I think I have officially found heaven – especially at those prices.

So, that’s it for now. Maybe I’ll be more in the photo-taking mood as the week progresses. We’ll see.

Until then, dear reader, as Smokey the Bear says, “Only you can prevent forest fires…”