Onsdag den 31 Oktober 2018

So, there’s not a whole lot to write about today. I did some walking (surprise, surprise).

During my walk, I found that Hedvigs Kyrka (also called Tyska [pronounced: tee-skah] Kyrka because it’s in Tyska Torget) was open, so I popped in for a quick bit.

After that, it was a bit more walking around but there’s only so much walking one can do aimlessly, yeah?

So, instead, it was off to the Stadsbibliotek of Norrköping. Stadsbibliotek is a compound (much like words are compounded in German) of city stad [pronounced: stah’d] and library bibliotek [pronounced: bib-lee-oh-tek].

The library has all of the amenities you can think of and even has what my roommate would probably appreciate being available for check-out: audio books.

After that, it was a stop over at the movie theatre to see what was on.

This is the poster for the last movie I saw (multiple times) when I was in Sweden, Den Blomstertid Nu Kommer (the literal translation from Swedish would be “The Time for Blooming Comes Now” or “The Blooming Time is Now Coming”, depending on context). The movie’s no longer in the theatres but this particular cinema is under renovations. (I think I’ll ask them tomorrow if I can have the poster.)

What did I see? Well, I saw the latest (film) instalment of the Millennium Series, The Girl in the Spider’s Web. It was decent and stayed true to the book, somewhat, but I kind of wish they had stuck with the original cast. The movie wasn’t bad, just different. Maybe I’m just too old and contankerous to appreciate change, anymore.

That being said, I imagine that – depending on how well the movie does in the theatres – they’ll be working on making the latest book into a movie and I will be seeing it. So, there is that.

Sorry that this is a bit lacklustre, dear reader. In the words of Walter Cronkite, “That’s the way it is.”