Today, in Sweden, it’s a Rödadag (pronounced: Road-ah-dawg), which means it’s a public holiday in which almost no one works. Public transit still operates but on holiday schedules.

Speaking of public transit, trains and buses contain the names of the drivers on the sides of them.

So, this time, I took the train to the Vidablick area. I didn’t know of anything that was already out there, I just figured that I may as well take the train to the end of the green line and check stuff out once I got there.

Of course, I only made it a few stops before I saw something that made me want to get off: Another church with a pretty hefty park surrounding it.

The area is called Folkparken (literal translation is “The Peoples Park”) but I was unable to figure out what the name of the church was.

However, the nearby graveyard tends to lend that the name of the church is Matteus Kyrka.

Then, it was time to see the actual park because parks.

Next was an area, still technically within the park I think, called Norra Kyrkogården.

This was another graveyard and recall that today was All Saints Day, so the graveyards were a bit busier than usual (I don’t think busier would be the most apropos adjective but whatever).

After that, it was time for more of the park, on the other side of this graveyard. Only… I was slightly wrong on my assumption: I had stumbled from there directly into Himmelstalunds Kapell.

After that then it was more of the actual park.

Somehow, I ended-up back at Matteus Kyrka, so it was time to hop back on the train and keep going.

Also, at about this time, my battery was at 13%; so I had to throw it on the battery pack to keep it charged, so I could keep writing this. (Yes, I write this as I go along because my memory is shit.)

Vidablick didn’t have much to it.

So, I walked to the red line and got off at Fridvalla. It was pretty much the same with Fridvalla but the clouds were starting to break-up and the sun was coming out, so there was that.

I kept seeing signs for Café Bråvalla in Företagspark (business park) and figured that maybe it might be a safe bet to snag some food. That is, until I came upon this sign about halfway there.

Admittedly, my assumption was wrong. Not all was lost, though. The sun finally came out.

So, I walked back to Fridvalla to take the red line back into town.

Which brings me to how the trains turn around here. Well, maybe it’s just specific to Norrköping, really. Anyway, they make a full loop to go back from whence they came.

So, empty transit photo? Empty transit photo.

The red line goes between Fridvalla and Kvarnberget; so, it was time to go to the other side and see what things were like there.

I only got as far as Södertull, though, because I needed both to eat something and to go to the store.

It look like Anonymous was doing a demonstration by Spiralen, judging from the masks, but I’m more inclined to think it was actually PETA because they were showing animal videos.

Got back on the red line, headed towards Kvarnberget but biology had different ideas about that. So, I got off at Ljura spårvägsbro and got back on the south-bound line. Will be nice to drop this stuff off at the hotel, anyways.

In other news, I can now fit in size 34 pants comfortably. The question becomes: Will they be size 34s after they’re washed? Only time will tell.

Did the needful and headed back towards the red line. This time, I got off at Hageby Centrum and a shopping centre greeted me.

It was a decent shopping centre and the layout a bit lacklustre but I finally found out what a Willy:S is.

Then, hopped on and got off at Ringsansens Centrum.

Creepy tunnel? Creepy tunnel.

The other side of the creepy tunnel led to an unlit path that pretty much dead-ended at the Syrianksa Ortodoxa Kyrka St:Kyriakos church. So, that was pretty much a bust.

Blurry picture is bluryingly blurry, I’m aware.

Without the clouds acting as a thermal blanket, it started to get chilli (about 5C or 6C). So, I figured, “Why not walk to the last stop and ride back into town?” You know, as one does. So, that’s precisely what I did.

Along the way, I found an oddly lit pole with a parking sign on it but because I’m dressed like the black power ranger and walking around at night, I figured it best to just take a photo of it and be on my way, rather than get all kinds of investigative about it.

Then, it was time to hop back on the train, again. Public transiting intensifies.

Got off at Södertull and walked over to CNEMA. Had bought a ticket for Bohemian Rhapsody, so couldn’t pass it up. Sadly, the theatre doesn’t do popcorn, so will probably be my first and last time seeing a movie here.

That’s it for today. Thanks for visiting, dear reader.

As they used to say on the old Batman TV show, “Tune in next week. Same bat time, same bat channel.”