Apt-Get: Viewing Release Notes on Packages Updated and/or Installed

Subjectively speaking, you might want to see release notes for packages, whether you’re installing them or updating them. (If this isn’t down your avenue of caring or you’re looking for a more exciting post, then, you can probably just skip this rest of this, altogether. True story.)


Anyways, if you use terminal to update your machine, there’s a Debian package (sorry, other flavours, I haven’t dug into it but maybe you have the equivalent?) that – when installed – will configure apt-get to automatically prompt you with the release notes for any update or package that you install.

Of course, the caveat is that if you’re updating (e.g.: upgrade), the release notes are shown just before install.

The package, in question, is called apt-listchanges. You can see screenshots of it in action, here.

Install it as you would any other package and that’s it. 🙂