iTunes: Save Your Money and Don’t But the Singles, Buy the EP

A new album, Innan det tar slut, dropped on 29 Nov 2019 and I finally got around to purchasing it today. When I went to play the six track album, here’s what it looked like in iTunes:

It’s a six song EP. So, where did the rest of the songs go?

Well, they were singles that I had bought before the album dropped (see the “More by GAMMAL” section in the photo); so, they only show up if I tap Visa komplett album or I go into the singles’ albums.

What’s even more fun is if I tap on a song I already own, from this full album view, – say Hemma Igen – Apple wants me to sign-up for Apple Music. Apparently, I can only play them from the limited album view, I guess?

Some might try to argue that a single from the single album and the same song from the EP are – in fact – logically different songs; however, unless the ones and zeroes of these two files differs and they’re of different sizes, then they’re actually the same song! In fact, iTunes considers that I already own the songs, I just haven’t “downloaded” them, yet. (Fun-filled fact: They exist under the album single album forevermore,)

Anyways, long-story short of it is that you should just wait for the full album to drop and buy it all at once, rather than dealing with such nonsensical maladies of music listening.

…but you don’t have to take my word for it! The internet is littered with complaints regarding this same issue and it looks like Apple is not going to fix it any time soon.

So, don’t fall into the same trap. Just wait for the album. 🙃