How msExchRecipientDisplayType and msExchangeRecipientTypeDetails Relate to Your On-Premises


It has come to my attention that an explanation of how the values are calculated is necessary in order to help you understand why you would have “differing” values than those defined in the table below.

First, you need to understand what bitwise flags are. Essentially, bitwise flags allow you to have multiple values for an enum type, based on their sum. The linked article discussing bitwise flags on enumerators gives code examples of how and why this might be done.

Second, the specific reason why we give you the hex value is so that you can do the calculation to determine what enum values satisfy the property’s value (as the integer representation that you’re seeing).

So, in the specific example that was presented to me, a customer couldn’t understand why they would have a value of ’97’ for the RemoteRecipientType. In this case, it would be the values of SharedMailbox (0x60) and ProvisionedMailbox (0x1) being added together (meaning/inferring that the mailbox is a shared mailbox that was provisioned in the cloud and was not migrated from on-premises).

0x60 [96] + 0x1 [1] = 0x61 [97]

If needed, you can use PowerShell and it will convert the sum of the hex numbers to an integer value for you, automatically. Try the following in PowerShell to see what I mean: 0x60 + 0x1

Original Post:

Often, in O365, there’s a reference field we use to specify what a recipient type is, as far as on-premises AD/Exchange is concerned. If you weren’t already aware, this is how the attributes relate:

Recipient Display Type = msExchRecipientDisplayType
Recipient Type Details = msExchRecipientTypeDetails

Like many other Active Directory Attributes, these are represented by Integer Values in Active Directory. One important item to note here is that you do not want to arbitrarily change these values: the Recipient Display Type is something that should only be set by Exchange. Changing it via any other method is not supported.

Here is how the Recipient Display Type Breaks down:

Display Type Value
MailboxUser 0
DistributionGroup 1
PublicFolder 2
DynamicDistributionGroup 3
Organization 4
PrivateDistributionList 5
RemoteMailUser 6
ConferenceRoomMailbox 7
EquipmentMailbox 8
ArbitrationMailbox 10
MailboxPlan 11
LinkedUser 12
RoomList 15
SecurityDistributionGroup 1073741833
ACLableMailboxUser 1073741824
ACLableRemoteMailUser 1073741830
SyncedUSGasUDG -2147481343
SyncedUSGasUSG -1073739511
SyncedUSGasContact -2147481338
ACLableSyncedUSGasContact -1073739514
SyncedDynamicDistributionGroup -2147482874
ACLableSyncedMailboxUser -1073741818
SyncedMailboxUser -2147483642
SyncedConferenceRoomMailbox -2147481850
SyncedEquipmentMailbox -2147481594
SyncedRemoteMailUser -2147482106
ACLableSyncedRemoteMailUser -1073740282
SyncedPublicFolder -2147483130

Here is how the Recipient Type Details breaks down:

Value Name RecipientTypeDetails (Decimal Value)
None 0
UserMailbox 1
LinkedMailbox 2
SharedMailbox 4
LegacyMailbox 8
RoomMailbox 16
EquipmentMailbox 32
MailContact 64
MailUser 128
MailUniversalDistributionGroup 256
MailNonUniversalGroup 512
MailUniversalSecurityGroup 1024
DynamicDistributionGroup 2048
PublicFolder 4096
SystemAttendantMailbox 8192
SystemMailbox 16384
MailForestContact 32768
User 65536
Contact 131072
UniversalDistributionGroup 262144
UniversalSecurityGroup 524288
NonUniversalGroup 1048576
DisabledUser 2097152
MicrosoftExchange 4194304
ArbitrationMailbox 8388608
MailboxPlan 16777216
LinkedUser 33554432
RoomList 268435456
DiscoveryMailbox 536870912
RoleGroup 1073741824
RemoteUserMailbox 2147483648
Computer 4294967296
RemoteRoomMailbox 8589934592
RemoteEquipmentMailbox 17179869184
RemoteSharedMailbox 34359738368
PublicFolderMailbox 68719476736
TeamMailbox 137438953472
RemoteTeamMailbox 274877906944
MonitoringMailbox 549755813888
GroupMailbox 1099511627776
LinkedRoomMailbox 2199023255552
AuditLogMailbox 4398046511104
RemoteGroupMailbox 8796093022208
SchedulingMailbox 17592186044416
GuestMailUser 35184372088832
AuxAuditLogMailbox 70368744177664
SupervisoryReviewPolicyMailbox 140737488355328

Here is how the Remote Recipient Types break-down (thanks to cstep for this piece):

Decimal Value Hex Value Value Name
1 0x1 ProvisionedMailbox (Cloud MBX)
2 0x2 ProvisionedArchive (Cloud Archive)
3 0x3 ProvisionedMailbox, ProvisionedArchive (Cloud MBX & Cloud Archive)
4 0x4 Migrated
6 0x6 Migrated, ProvisionedArchive (Migrated MBX & Cloud Archive)
8 0x8 DeprovisionMailbox
16 0x10 DeprovisionArchive
20 0x14 DeprovisionArchive, Migrated
32 0x20 RoomMailbox
36 0x24 Migrated, RoomMailbox
64 0x40 EquipmentMailbox
68 0x44 Migrated, EquipmentMailbox
96 0x60 SharedMailbox
100 0x64 Migrated, SharedMailbox