Jag älskar Östergötland!

O.k., so there’s a long and sorted history about moving to Sweden that I don’t really want to go into in this post. All I can say is that I was hired back in March and the visa application still hasn’t been submitted, as of yet. Le sigh…

Anyways, I decided to take a trip to visit the team I’m joining and see my would-be home in person during it’s summer months – having recently been there during winter.

Linköping, itself, reminds me a lot of the biggest town in the area that I grew up in, with it’s parallelism in university and night-life. Norrköping reminds me of the smaller town in the area that I grew up in, as well. They’re nowhere near the same, don’t get me wrong, but there’s semblances that are familiar and – in that effect – like being home, to some degree.

First things, first, though: On the way to Linköping, I discovered that Amsterdam has a take a book, leave a book library within it. Can I just say that I ♥ that Amsterdam does this?

In Linköping, the hotel I stayed at, Park Hotel i Fawlty Towers, was amazeballs. Amaze. Balls. I liken it to Michabelle Inn (also in the area that I grew up in) but Park Hotel is so much “better” for a variety of reasons, the staff and the location being the principal reasons. The Park Hotel is in a building constructed in the 1880’s and is across the street from Linköping’s Resecentrum and Central Station.

Yes, I did try to play the piano a few times but, sadly, it was out of tune – not that it was an inherently bad thing. I think the only “negative” aspect of staying at the Park Hotel, if I had to name but one, was that the old-timey phone didn’t work. If it did, I’d have been in heaven.

Also, shout-out to the fabulously awesome Hannele for being… …well, so fabulously awesome!

Now, it’s important to note that the day that I landed, almost everything was empty and/or closed. Why is that you might ask? Was everyone off on their summer holidays, already? Nope. I straight-up landed on a football (soccer, for my American friends) play-off day for the World Cup (VM-finalen) and Sweden had just won against Switzerland.

The first thing to do, the next day, was to go off to the future work site and see everyone. I can’t show you any photos of the work site, itself, but I can show you some photos from within the building.

The first weekend, I decided I needed to properly check out Norrköping. So, it was off to the train I went and about a twenty minute ride later, I was I at my destination. It has to be said that the countryside in Östergötland is absolutely beautiful.

The next weekend, I walked around Linköping for quite a long time (over 16k steps, if I recall correctly). One of the first stops was Trädgårdsförenningen, which is a public park/garden that is absolutely brilliant and worth the walk around, if you ever get the chance.

Also, whilst traipsing around the city, I found the local library. As far as town libraries go, it’s pretty impressive.

…and got a library card. Yes, I am a nerd. I prefer to be one, thank you very much. 🙂

Even though I’m the furtherest from religious as one could possibly get, I have to check out churches in the areas I visit, namely for the appreciation of the sheer age of some of them and the items that they contain. And, so, Linköping Cathedral was naturally my next stop.

And, of course, I had to visit the Art of the Brick exhibit. 🙂

Oh, you wanted MOAR miscellaneous photos that I took while I was there? Well, why didn’t you say so!

O.k., I think I’ve pictured you out, maybe? The sadder part is there’s a lot of photos that failed to upload; so, there’s a lot that didn’t make it to this post. Very much sad face with the internets that are not currently agreeing with the uploading and what-nots.

All of that aside, I really love the Östergötland area and will – hopefully – be able to move there sometime soon. I’m still teetering as to whether Linköping or Norrköping would be more worthwhile to move to but I think someone *cough* Hannele *cough* may have ultimately influenced my decision. Time’s still ticking away, though, so there’s no emphatic need to make a decision as to which to move to, just yet. What I can tell you is that I’ve definitively ruled-out Linghem as one of the options, fairly easily. 🙂

Until next time… …whenever that may be.

MCM London Trip

I took a trip (24 May to 28 May) to London/Reading to visit my ever-so-awesome friend [REDACTED] and go to the MCM Comic Con with her in London.

First, after I arrived to the fair city of Reading, I had dinner at Benny’s, which is in the same building as the hotel that I stayed at. Think of it like an Eddie Rockets, only everything inside is pink, and you’re not far off from the mental picture you’ve just made.


Next was dinner with Teagan and her friend, Dominika, at Bella Italia in the The Oracle. Let me tell you that – sometimes – there’s nothing better than Iliza Shlesinger quotes, unacceptable Mass Effect 3 references regarding special eyes, and copious amounts of Rick & Morty quotes to make an evening. (Seriously, though, if you’re not an Iliza Shlesinger fan, you might want to *bleet* that train.)


The Comic Con, itself, was in the ExCel in London (obligatory Wiki page can reference can be found here), which is big as fuck-all and we covered the majority of it on the day that we went (hint: it was on Saturday).

All of the pictures? O.k., all of the pictures. (O.k., not really, but still…)


On the way back from Comic Con, Teagan discovered that she was the tube whisperer.


Then, there was coffee and dessert to be had at Creams because our respective bank accounts were crying enough, already.


So… What did I buy at the Comic Con, you might ask. Well, did I mention I love all things Dragon Ball Z, Tim Burton, and Rick & Morty?


Sadly, though, most of the stuff that I bought couldn’t fit into my luggage and it was a banking holiday on Monday; so, enter Teagan to save the day and send me the larger stuff that wouldn’t fit into my luggage to me in the post. (She really is the best!)

And, thus, here’s Teagan being a pimp at what she does.


Until next time…

My Recent Trip to Reykjavík

As the title infers, I was recently in Reykjavík for a brief holiday.

Being in Reykjavík completed my goal of visiting all of the Nordics. Yes, all of the Nordics. (Yes, Estonia, I’ve even visited you.)

I’d say the best experiences were Hallgrímskirkja, the Icelandic Punk Museum, and going inside Thrihnukagigur Volcano.

If you speak any Nordic language, you’ll note that Hallgrímskirkja is actually a church. This wasn’t a religious experience (and no offense intended or inferred to any of you who might be religious) but one related to altitude. You see, Hallgrímskirkja has a tower which costs about €10 to go up. (If there’s a tower in any city that you go to, just fork over the quid to go up it.) The views presented here were amazing (thankfully, I lucked-out with the weather.)

The Icelandic Punk Museum was great in it’s own right, for reasons that are related to both my past and my present. The host (Álfur) was quite knowledgeable, genial, and humourous. If you ever go to Reykjavík, and punk has been influential in any part of your life, then this museum is a must see.

The Thrihnukagigur Volcano was grand. It’s a dormant (e.g.: not, yet, long dead enough to be considered extinct) volcano in the lava fields outside of Reykjavík. The volcano is 120m (400 ft. for my friends that use FREEDOM™ units) deep and there is an elevator that brings you down the core. The best part about this wasn’t just the volcano, itself, but the views walking to it. The walk, itself, is about 3km (2 miles for my friends that use FREEDOM™ units) one way; so, there’s plenty of time to see and take in the sights at these higher elevations.

If you ever get the chance to go to Reykjavík, I’d definitely recommend it. I’d probably go for longer than the 2.5 days that I went, though. Shout-out to Te & Kaffi (on ) for being a great place for the obvious in it’s name.