O365: Accessing Another Mailbox via OWA URL

NOTE: This post – drafted, composed, written, and published by me – originally appeared on https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/johnbai and is potentially (c) Microsoft.

It may become necessary for an admin or delegate to access a mailbox (other than their own) in OWA. There’s two ways to do this and most people are familiar with the change in the URL method, which is what I’ll be covering in this post.

In Wave14 (Exchange 2010), you merely had to append the user’s smtp address to the suffix the OWA URL. So, for example, to access Amy Luu‘s mailbox in my test tenant, I would add the following: [email protected]

In Wave15 (Exchange 2013), we merely need to add another character at the end of the URL for this to work: [email protected]/